Horecamarket has the commercial responsibility for the technology supplier Millum AS’s products and services, and is the leading online marketplace for the HORECA market in Norway.

Through industry specific IT tools the actors in the business is linked closer together, which contributes to more efficient trade for all parties. Since its inception in 2001 many of the largest purchasing co-operations in Norway have seen this, and chosen Horecamarket as their collaborator. Today, more than 50 chains and 350 suppliers are established in the marketplace.

GRESS-gruppen was one of the predecessors for the use of e-commerce within their market, and in 1995 they started the development of an industry portal together with Millum. Horecamarket, which is owned by GRESS-gruppen and Millum, was established in 2001 to be able to sell the business portal to other competitors. Horecamarket is the leading electronic marketplace for the Horeca industry in Norway and the annual order volume in the marketplace now exceeds NOK 5 billion.

Together with Millum AS, Horecamarkets is the supplier of GRESS-nett and associated market services.

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