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GRESS Gruppen are committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations when processing the personal information you provide us.

This privacy statement is made to inform you of how personal information is collected and processed for GRESS Gruppen. The statement contains information about your rights concerning storage of privacy information associated with your connection with GRESS Gruppen, in addition to general information about how we process your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy policy.

1.Our responsibility and your rights

Responsible for collecting and using your personal information – Process Manager – is GRESS Gruppen AS (hereinafter GRESS) by CEO Tor Tennvassås

Contact information

GRESS Gruppen AS
Visiting address: Harbitzallèen 2A, 0275 Oslo
Postal address: Postboks 4148 Sjølyst, 0217 Oslo
Org. Nr. 978 678 947
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 477 20 500

2. Collection, processing and use of personal data

GRESS collects personal information from its members, suppliers and others for various purposes and on different grounds. Personal information from members, suppliers and others will primarily be information identifying contacts persons. From this point forward in the statement members, suppliers and other contact persons will be addressed as you. If there are any changes concerning contact persons in your company, you can inform GRESS-gruppen on e-mail at [email protected]. GRESS will store your personal information for so long as necessary for the purpose for which the personal information was collected, or as long as GRESS is committed to this by law.

GRESS collects the following information for the purposes specified in the following paragraphs; Full

2.1. Personal information for login to GRESS member sites/ e-commerce,

As a member in GRESS you must make your purchases from suppliers that have an agreement with GRESS. Member shall have good knowledge of the existing agreements, and this information is available at, after log-in.  For you to have access to this information, GRESS must store your personal information. The password for the log-in will only be known for you and can be changed whenever you want. We will store this information as long as you are a member of GRESS, and for up to 6 months after your membership has been terminated, in order to process your inquiries. Processing takes place based on an agreement with you.

For you to be able to order goods at GRESS-net, we need to have your company name, shipping address, billing address, your name, e-mail and mobile phone number. This information is required for the suppliers to be able to ship your goods, let you receive delivery updated and to contact you concerning your order, when necessary. The information can be changed at any time, by logging in to your pages. Processing takes place based on an agreement with you.

2.2 Personal information for login to GRESS supplier sites,

As a GRESS supplier you are responsible for updating your company pages on To access your supplier page, you must log in with e-mail and password. Therefore, we need to save your name and e-mail. We will also send you information about new members and their contact information. In addition to this, we must be able to contact you for question and information regarding our agreement. Processing takes place based on an agreement with you.

2.3 Use of personal information – information e-mails

As a member in GRESS, we consider it necessary that you receive updated information about which suppliers we have agreements with, and the terms for these. To keep you informed about new agreements, renegotiated agreements, bonus calculations and other relevant cases, you will receive information e-mails from us. These will be sent as needed. If you do not longer want to receive these e-mails, and want to be taken of the e-mailing list, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Processing takes place based on an agreement with you.

2.4 Use of personal information for invitations

Every year, GRESS Gruppen organizes its own fair, “GRESS-messen”. To be able to send you an invitation, GRESS needs your contact information. If you do not wish to be invited to this even, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Processing takes place based on an agreement with you.

3. Personal information to third parties

GRESS negotiates with suppliers on behalf of our members. To be able to let suppliers know which members that should have the negotiated terms, and who to contact regarding establishing of delivery agreements they need to know who you are.

Upon entering in to new supplier agreements, the supplier in question will receive an overview of main contact persons within the different members organization.  With main contacts we mean the general manager/Director, purchasing manager, kitchen and restaurant manager.

Upon entering in to GRESS as a new member, we will send out the company’s name, address and contact information of the main contact persons to all our suppliers. All suppliers are then responsible for the handling of your information, according to regulations. Collaboration partners will be able to get access to selected information, where it is necessary to perform services for GRESS. In such cases. We enter into data processing agreements to safeguard security. We use the following data processors of today:


Millum AS

Millum AS is the supplier of our online portal GRESS-net. They can see your name, e-mail address and phone numbers which is registered in the portal. In cases of stop in orders or other support, where it will be more efficient that they contact the members directly, they are allowed to contact you.


All invoices and credit notes are processed in Visma. E-mail addresses for receipt of invoices and credit notes are stored in Visma. Our external accounting office Smea Consult AS has access to our Visma.


Digiflow operates our IT infrastructure. They set up PC`s and provides support. Digiflow can get access to data in our system if it is necessary to perform service and maintenance on the system.

Profitbase AS

Develops and runs GRESS Gruppens analytical tools. Through this they have access to relevant information from GRESS-nett, through Millum.

All processing of personal data is within the EU/ EEA area.

4.Your rights

You can, at any time, get access to the information we have stored about you and you have the right to ask us to change and/or delete data about you, provided we are not obliged to keep this in accordance with applicable law or regulations we have. Further on, you have the right to demand limited processing, correction towards the processing and data portability. You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given us. You can read more about the content of these rights on the Data inspectorate`s website:

To use your personal information right regarding the information we have stored about you, send us your demands per e-mail to [email protected] or by mail, to the address above.

5.Changes to the statement

If we make any changes to the privacy statement, we will post the revised version here, with an updated revision date. We urge you to review the statement regularly. If major changes occur, you will be notified.

For questions and inquiries regarding this privacy statement, contact us in one of the following ways;

GRESS Gruppen AS
Visiting address: Harbitzallèen 2A, 0275 Oslo
Postal address: Postboks 4148 Sjølyst, 0217 Oslo
Org. Nr. 978 678 947
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 477 20 500

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