GRESS-nett is an purchasing portal for owners, members and suppliers of GRESS-gruppen AS. Here you will find all information about our agreements, to secure the information flow. This e-tool creates security and makes sure that the logistics works optimally between all parties.

Since the inception GRESS-gruppen has contributed with expertise and resources to develop GRESS-nett, and make it a competitive marketplace with industry specific procurement tools.

GRESS-nett has played an important role in optimizing GRESS-gruppens loyalty towards the contracting providers, and has contributed to bring this toward a very high standard. The result of this we can see through cost savings and efficiency, both with GRESS-gruppens members and owners, as well as externally, with the suppliers.

GRESS-nett consists of following efficiency tools:

  •          Intern communication
  •          Order functions
  •          Shopping lists
  •          Stocktaking Function
  •          Calculation Tools
  •          Order confirmations
  •          Menu-bank with allergen-information
  •          Goods receipt
  •          Electronic invoicing
  •          Reporting Opportunities
  •          Hand terminals

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